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Dreaming of a better life is not a bad thing, but living your dream is not a dream!

“Where do you see yourself tomorrow?”

, one of the most famous questions.
I guess in paradise, would have been my answer a few years ago, but then again…?
Paradise is exactly where we are right now, only way better. Right? So maybe it’s not about where I see myself tomorrow, or where I was yesterday but more about where I am today and if, being here, is a reason to change that is maybe less about the place and more about everything you attach to that place. Sometimes changing the place changes everything, but sometimes whilst changing place you take everything you wanted to change in the first place with you.

And that brings me to my 2nd most asked question.

“Why can you sleep at any time in any place?”

Growing up and old brings many great things. It mainly brings life experience and we cannot have enough of that, can we? Making our own choices can be very hard, even when we think, we did something by choice, it most certainly is influenced by other people.

That being said I took on a job that made me think much and get my body tired. Now I understand my brothers skills. He once told me:
“When you think, you get tired. When you get tired you stop thinking. When you stop thinking and you are tired, you’re already sleeping.” Since then I have done great progress in sleeping. I have slept on a table,on a party, on a table on a party,  on a birthday, actually my birthday, in a bar. I slept on stage on a live gig, on a boat tour that cost me ten euro, one of the most expensive naps I ever took. And the cheapest was at work. Getting paid for a nap, now that’s paradise. I also took a nap on a 15 centimeter thick wall. How?
Maybe I am a cat after all, I was born a lion at least. A cat that likes water. I’m a weird being anyways, I share my food with strangers on the bus and I get a sunburn on a cloudy day, so…

…my life advise?

Get a job, get tired, adapt some amazing sleeping skills, quit your job (except if you love it),  find your dream, dream your dream, live your dream, avoid the clouds, they can be dangerous. Learn the things you adore. Find the most amazing people. Talk what’s most important to you, look for the most invisible things, hear the unheard and the unspoken, taste what is healthy, feel what feels amazing.

Enjoy your journey & get in touch, Fil