Moving a mountain

Impossible, or just another question of how many Dalai Lamas it takes to move a mountain?

DSC09422 cut

Impossible one might say, but if we think about it again…
We all want to move that mountain right? We see though, by taking the wrong steps the mountain doesn’t move one bit!
How do we move it then?
Move everything around it and even if we don’t move the mountain literally, we do, because through the changes we add to that mountain it’s not the same anymore. Moving a rock can rock the world of many and especially our own. Make the most of every day. Every attempt rocks somebody’s world.

I have worked a lot with people in need and seen a lot of things some peope never will. Sometimes it’s for the best, but most of the times it takes me one step back and makes me take a good look at what mother nature provides with every single day. We owe it up to nature. Making the most of the day means taking that step back each day and connecting to the people that see, although you wear Harrys Invisibility Cloak, that hear you, although you don’t talk, that feel you, even if you’re not there, that love you, because of who you are, even if you seem to be someone else.


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