οικο 2

Ecopolis has been active since 2013 now and in many ways. Idomeni was a big part of it, but that’s not everything. When it comes to opening a door to people in need of any kind, you know what to find here. A place, where politics, culture and art and some of the most inspiring people connect and do the impossible, give you the ability of a new start, a new home. Refugees have been welcomed here, just as local people, people from our neighbour countries and all the people, that did not have the chance these past years to feed themselves. Celebrating their 3 year anniversary and to another great 3 years coming, Ecopolis has surprised us in many ways, well known for its actions, , not only in Greece but also in many other countries internationally. Congratulations to all, who have kept this place runnin, and all the volunteers, that have been supporting splendidly and financially, especially throughout the time of Idomeni and afterwards. The need is not over yet, and according to the financial situation in Greece it won’t be for the next years. One more reason to show a helping hand and support the ecological movement of Thessaloniki & Ecopolis’ ambition to a greener and race friendlier city.


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