The Colors- Open Kitchen opened in December 2015 on Camp B  in Idomeni. At the time, a passing point for many thousands refugees each day, from war to a better future, a future in Europe. Geographically speaking war is not far from us, so instead of letting war win, we let our actions speak. We opened some borders, where ever we could. Oikopolis did the same thing.
The Colors open kitchen. The first attempt of a cooked meal for a refugee, a generous offer to everyone, espcially the families, that went overseas, not knowing where they would end up and if they would end up there alive. Some made it. And some are greatful to hear the birds again for a change, and having a cooked meal again. 700 to 1500 meals a day, depending on the amount of refugees passing. The beginning numbers of the “OK” Colors- Open Kitchen, which soon changed in March 2016 taking a rise to 3500 to 4000 portions of cooked food, a fruit, a piece of bread, cookies and vegetables, as the situation in Idomeni had changed, as well as the destiny of many. Thanks to the donations of greek people and of other suportive organisations globally, volunteers from all over the world were able to keep over 13,000 hungry people fed, especially the kids, that are still growing, who deserve a better tomorrow.

There is no better way of the way of a child. There is no better way of an adult making way for another child. There is no better way of wakening his own one again. These kids were born into war, it could have been us.



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