On a collision course

We live in the fast lane of life, which can be amazing, comparable to the feeling of adrenaline, but maybe, just maybe it is the answer to a lot of modern day problems. With great development come great withdrawal. If we look at technology, it is beyond.. . Connecting people, at the same time destroying relationships. Looking at medicine, we acomplished an amazing first aid system, but we haven’t managed to find out our grandmothers receipt of how to heal basically anything. When it comes to education, we do have the freedom to choose out of the most amazing subjects and to grow as much as ever, but we don’t really know how to follow everything that gets us good and going, and everything, includes every single little thing that somehow is important to each individual.

Hearing that, can open ones eyes, but it can also seem like an unsolvable enigma to this point of evolution. To make it more interesting, we are taking a look at some possible answers to many of all the questions going on in a human mind, at least the human, modern day, mind. Let’s take a look at education and it’s problems. Beginning with the most important part to it. Intelligence. We call ourselves intelligent beings. Yes, we have acomplished a lot, but when it comes to school, we learn how to compare each others intelligence, not even knowing why. The result? Contests of any kind, that show ones stupidity and another one showing off. This is like taking two chairs, hitting them against each other, till a leg breaks, instead of giving them the chance to sit peacefully next to each other and fulfill theirs destiny. Is that really intelligent?
Anyway, all things float in this universe, and just the way dust particles find their way to collide make a bundle of dust, the same way people find ways to merge one to another, sometimes in a good way, but sometimes in a very very bad one.
To put that into a positive: In a world of collision people always find ways to connect. “Sometimes in a bad way, but sometimes in a very very good one.” Isn’t it astonishing in such a big world,when you find something you didn’t look for, and then you realize, you never wanted anything else.


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