first step or the last one on their trip to find hope?DSC08892


“Last night I didn’t  sleep, because one of the organisations was working on their construction. During the day I couldn’t sleep, due to helicopters passing.”
“Today we had no cooked meals. The police didn’t let the kitchens pass, there were some politicians on the camp. But nothing changed, as usual.”
“I have three children, their birthmother died in the war. My husband, their father is sick. They are great kids, very smart! What can I do for them?”
“Today I waited in line to get diapers for my little sister. A volunteer told me that my mother has to come, they are not handing out anything to children. My mother died in the war.”
“My sickness doesn’t allow me to eat gluten. It’s very hard to find food, that’s suitable for me. The doctors don’t care about me.”
“I never imagined how it feels to be nothing in this world, but I lost my brother this year!”

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