What now?                           



We all go through rough times. Maybe that’s why we’re human and not divine. However, life can be tough, if we like it or not. At times it is like a sponge. You squeeze it as hard as you can, until it’s dry and shriveled, but then you let loose and it absorbs anything surrounding it. Truly, we live in a complicated world. Deep down we know what makes us better people, but we still hunt all the things, that bring us in that difficult situation in the first place.

Life wants to be alive, that’s for sure. Even at night our adventures continue. But then again, maybe that’s the beauty of life. Knowing that every step through the rough lane takes us further to what we call happiness, on a personal degree of course. Our choice after all, as far as we’re concerned. Not when it comes to our children.

Our children are our responsibility. That’s why the children of Idomeni go to class, just like ours. They play with their friends, just like ours. They eat together, they create together, as much as they can. They fight and they cry, they joke around and they laugh. They fall down and get up again, just like our own kids, only in very different circumstances.

This is Idomeni. Filled with people just like us. It doesn’t matter, if you’re rich or poor, weird or crippled, even is you look at life a little differently. It simply means, that our new friends are caught in a country they don’t feel comfortable in. Not a big difference to the inhabitants, except, that we’re not called refugees and we don’t stay in a tent at night. That’s why you stay here in the fields of Idomeni.

It’s not enough to feed you, but every now and then, we go out of ideas, that actually help you. How can we help you, if we can’t even help ourselves?

Sorry for that. That you stand in the line to get something to eat, to drink, take a shower and go to the toilet, that you sleep in the mud, burn whatever you find to stay warm, and inhale whatever you burn.

The past is the past and we don’t need to live in that. If anything, it makes us the people we are today. What’s important, is how we shape the present for us and our fellow men. We can help, if we want to. Every single life is worth it. What if we find ourselves in this situation, aren’t we worth it?


Idomeni, Greece – caught on a camp, for how long? There are ways, always. Act if you know how to act or help someone else take action.

Thank you, llongllife


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